Patients often ask us whether we use the laser for cataract surgery. In fact, we often recommend performing laser cataract surgery and lens implants using the Alcon® LenSx® Femtosecond Laser in order to provide exquisite reproducibility, precision, safety and a gentler cataract surgery procedure. At Doctor & Associates, cataract surgery is one of the most frequent types of eye surgery procedures we perform-and, typically with excellent results. However, it is technically complex and requires considerable surgical skill in order to perform the great number of manually delivered steps required. Our cataract surgeons have incorporated the femtosecond laser into cataract surgery procedures. 

Our cataract surgeons have incorporated the femtosecond laser into cataract surgery procedures so that with surgeon control they can:

  • Create "perfect" incisions, without using a blade or knife, in terms of size, position and architecture. This is important in order to have self-sealing, “sutureless” incisions without the use of stitches, and to help in preventing infection.
  • Create a perfectly centered and sized "capsulotomy". The capsulotomy is the "opening" prepared in the front of the crystalline lens through which the cloudy lens material is removed. It also plays a critical role in the centering of the lens implant, which may provide better uncorrected vision. 
  • Liquefy and soften the crystalline lens where the cataract has formed. This allows the surgeon to use less energy to remove the cataract, which is gentler on the eye.
  • Create the possibility of precisely sized and placed corneal incisions to minimize or eliminate astigmatism.

Under skillful surgeon control, laser cataract surgery allows Doctor & Associates eye surgeons to deliver a number of the manual skill intensive steps of cataract surgery in an safe, more precise, and gentler manner.